Power to improve your world.

One of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies for AI, Digital Reasoning provides cognitive computing services to intelligence agencies, financial institutions, and healthcare organizations.

We Found a Way.


Digital Reasoning is a cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence company offering a revolutionary cognitive computing platform. By decoding the subtleties of human intention and behavior in communications, they empower global enterprises with indispensable intelligence and game-changing insights.

The Challenge

Initially, Digital Reasoning focused on introducing and explaining the potential of its new technology. Now, with impressive success, marquee customers, and substantial funding from Goldman Sachs, Nasdaq, and HCA, they boast a thriving customer base eager to share how the technology revolutionized their data utilization. Recognizing this shift, Digital Reasoning’s leadership aims to amplify these customer stories effectively.

The Solution

During a curated brand retreat, we uncovered compelling narratives and meaningful distinctions for Digital Reasoning, emphasizing their focus on empowering people to improve the world through technology. This discovery led to the creation of the tagline “Power to Improve Your World” and the “We Found A Way” campaign, highlighting the collaborative approach to solving real market problems. 

The messaging and accompanying visuals center around specific use cases, making the customer the hero of Digital Reasoning’s brand and showcasing their human-centric approach to artificial intelligence.

We initially hired Golden Spiral to help us completely reimagine our website and create a beautiful user experience. Through that process their team became trusted partners. We continue to rely upon the team at Golden Spiral to help us shape our brand and tell our story in beautiful ways.

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