Healthcare Market Matrix is a podcast series providing an in-depth exploration of the challenges healthcare organization leaders face that technology has the opportunity to solve. We aim to create a comprehensive, referenceable resource health tech companies can use to develop and bring products to market, ready to address their customers’ unique needs.

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Applied Theory Series: Crafting RevOps Funnels and Building High-Performing Teams

Peter Smith

President, Ratio

We were collaborating with a Series B company that had not previously invested in marketing. After securing loyal customers and substantial funding, they required a clear budgeting strategy, and this calculator offered the perfect solution.

Peter Smith
President, Ratio

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Applied Theory Series: Crafting RevOps Funnels and Building High-Performing Teams

Peter Smith

President, Ratio
Shortening the Sales Cycle with Value-Driven Solutions

Laura O'Toole

CEO, SureTest
Exploring Health System Finance and Revenue Cycle Purchase Plans

Trish Rivard

Inside AMSURG: Navigating Healthcare Innovation, Challenges, and the Future of Surgery Tech

Justin Mooneyhan

Senior Director of Strategy, Solutions, and Innovation; AMSURG
Health Tech Horizons: Navigating Nursing Challenges & Innovations

Kelly Aldrich, MD

Director of Innovation, Vanderbilt University
Credibility by Design [Applied Theory Series]

Bennett Farkas

Chief Operating Officer
Golden Spiral Goes Ratio

Jessica Head

Agency Marketing Director
Unleashing the Power of AI in Healthcare

Harvey Castro, MD

ChatGPT Healthcare Advisor
Empowering Care: HCA’s Journey to Quality Care through Tech Partnerships

Nicole Tremblett

Vice President ITG Nursing + HR, HCA Healthcare
From Crisis to Progress: Population Health in the New Normal

Dave Brooks

Chief Strategy Officer, People.Health
The CIO Journey: From Information to Innovation in Modern Healthcare

Bill Russell

Founder of This Week Health
Mastering Your Value Equation in a Loud and Crowded Market

Tom Mitchell

Managing Partner, Stratipoint
AMSURG to Investor: Pioneering Nashville’s Healthcare Future

Eric Thrailkill

NEC Project Healthcare
Bringing the Joy Back to Medicine

Stephanie Lahr

President of Artisight

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