Healthcare Market Matrix is a podcast series providing an in-depth exploration of the challenges healthcare organization leaders face that technology has the opportunity to solve. We aim to create a comprehensive, referenceable resource healthtech companies can use to develop and bring products to market, ready to address their customers’ unique needs.

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Mastering Healthtech Event Engagement Strategy

Aaron Hillman

Sr. Director of Marketing, Global Client and Industry Engagement, Philips

One way that we're really getting clear value is by using the same KPIs for every event so that we know what we're tracking against. That gives you a full picture at the end of the year of how you did it. And what are we going to do programmatically in our marketing planning and strategy for the following year?

Aaron Hillman
Sr. Director of Marketing, Global Client and Industry Engagement, Philips

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Mastering Healthtech Event Engagement Strategy

Aaron Hillman

Sr. Director of Marketing, Global Client and Industry Engagement, Philips
Market Implications of the Change Healthcare Breach

Ben Reigle & Trish Rivard

Introducing Ratio’s [Buyer Matrix Series]

John Farkas

The Critical Nature of Leading with Value

Mark Donnigan

CMO & GTM Consultant
The State of Healthtech Funding: Considerations for 2024

Christopher McCord

Managing Director
Blending Compassion and Tech: Elevating the Clinical Perspective in Healthtech

Dr. Ramon Jacobs-Shaw + Mac Davis

From Disparate to Actionable Data — The Anatomy of Consumer Engagement

Mitch Holdwick

Director of Consumer Transformation, Innovacer
Exploring the Tech Roadmap for Eldercare Facilities

B. Anderson “Andy” Flatt

Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer
Empowering a Consultative Approach to Marketing

Aaron Hillman

Sr. Director, Global Client and Industry Engagement
[Applied Theory Series] Building Digital Platforms Designed for Growth

Kyle Numann

Design & Development Director, Ratio
Building a Consumer-Centric Patient Experience

Reed Smith

Chief Consumer Officer, Ardent Health
Unlocking Healthcare’s Horizon in 2024: The Critical Nature of Understanding Your Value Equation

John Farkas

The Horizon of Data and Analytics

Tod Fetherling

Managing Director, Huron
The Premise Health Playbook: What does it mean to be Enterprise-ready?

Haden McWhorter

Chief Information Officer, Premise Health
Applied Theory Series: Crafting RevOps Funnels and Building High-Performing Teams

Peter Smith

President, Ratio
Shortening the Sales Cycle with Value-Driven Solutions

Laura O'Toole

CEO, SureTest
Exploring Health System Finance and Revenue Cycle Purchase Plans

Trish Rivard

Inside AMSURG: Navigating Healthcare Innovation, Challenges, and the Future of Surgery Tech

Justin Mooneyhan

Senior Director of Strategy, Solutions, and Innovation; AMSURG
Health Tech Horizons: Navigating Nursing Challenges & Innovations

Kelly Aldrich, MD

Director of Innovation, Vanderbilt University
Credibility by Design [Applied Theory Series]

Bennett Farkas

Chief Operating Officer
Golden Spiral Goes Ratio

Jessica Head

Agency Marketing Director
Unleashing the Power of AI in Healthcare

Harvey Castro, MD

ChatGPT Healthcare Advisor
Empowering Care: HCA’s Journey to Quality Care through Tech Partnerships

Nicole Tremblett

Vice President ITG Nursing + HR, HCA Healthcare
From Crisis to Progress: Population Health in the New Normal

Dave Brooks

Chief Strategy Officer, People.Health
The CIO Journey: From Information to Innovation in Modern Healthcare

Bill Russell

Founder of This Week Health
Mastering Your Value Equation in a Loud and Crowded Market

Tom Mitchell

Managing Partner, Stratipoint
AMSURG to Investor: Pioneering Nashville’s Healthcare Future

Eric Thrailkill

NEC Project Healthcare
Bringing the Joy Back to Medicine

Stephanie Lahr

President of Artisight

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