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ApolloLIMS is a pioneering company dedicated to creating the industry’s most advanced laboratory information management system (LIMS), aiming to revolutionize scientific research and diagnostics through cutting-edge technology and innovation.

The Challenge

ApolloLIMS faced a formidable challenge in persuading clinics to transition from traditional paper-based systems to their cutting-edge Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). Overcoming resistance to change, addressing data security concerns, and providing extensive training are pivotal obstacles clinics encounter when adopting a LIMS. ApolloLIMS’ success relied on its ability to educate its prospects about the advantages of digital transformation, demonstrate its LIMS superiority, and tailor solutions to address individual customization needs effectively.

The Solution

Ratio’s transformative approach to refining messaging and visual systems resulted in an easily navigable ApolloLIMS website with tailored content for every buyer stage, optimized for discoverability. The subsequent demand generation program encompassed content marketing, SEO, paid media campaigns, lead nurturing, and performance analytics, propelling hyper-relevant traffic to the site and empowering the sales team with a qualified pipeline.

The results were astounding – dynamic content marketing programming boosted pipeline conversion by 111% YoY, while paid media strategy led to a remarkable 463% increase in sessions from 2020 to 2022. Simultaneously, organic engagement surged by 143% YoY, solidifying ApolloLIMS’ position as an industry leader. The digital marketing roadmap provided by Ratio became a catalyst for ApolloLIMS’ market success, fueling significant growth and reinforcing its standing in the laboratory information management system sector.

The impressive momentum gained by ApolloLIMS positioned them as a coveted acquisition target for Clinisys, with a specific focus on Apollo’s robust digital marketing presence as a valuable asset.

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