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Artisight’s Smart Hospital Platform is the future-ready infrastructure that automates tasks, optimizes processes, and simplifies communication — enabling clinical teams to streamline workflows and elevate care at the bedside.

Healthcare is at a Critical Crossroads.


Despite all the advancements, the industry struggles with many of the same problems year after year. Clinicians’ jobs are more challenging than ever, with less time to treat more patients. Artisight actively assists teams in easing clinician workload, enabling virtual workforces, lightening documentation burdens, and tracking and managing assets in real time.

By combining computer vision and a multi-sensor network with industry-defining AI, Artisight creates ambient intelligence that learns and responds to clinicians’ exact environments and workflows.

The Challenge

Artisight created a remarkable platform with the potential of transforming the market but faced the challenge of needing to distill a complex story for maximum impact. As they moved out of semi-stealth mode, they needed clear, compelling messaging and a marketing platform they could leverage to accelerate their growth.

The Solution

Part of positioning Artisight for success required aligning their executive, product, and commercial teams. Ratio’s Foundations Workshop, provided the context they needed to get everyone on the same page in their understanding of the real market problems Artisight solves, and distilled the brand sensibilities embodied by this remarkable group of innovators. 

Building on the core understanding that came out of the workshop, the Ratio team was able to create the messaging and visual identity needed to create a distinctly differentiated brand they were able to debut at the HLTH conference in the Fall of 2023. 

The transformation created a market presence for Artisight that matched the substance and sophistication of their solution. It quickly enhanced their standing in the healthcare ecosystem and is providing the tools they need to communicate how their platform creates the tech-enabled infrastructure care facilities need to meet the demands of the future.

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