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Crafting an Exceptional Digital Health Resource Page: A Step-by-Step Guide

Rich content resources are integral to marketing success, fueling various stages of the customer journey, from attracting traffic to closing deals and enhancing trust. 

Your website’s resources section must provide an excellent user experience. 

Is your content well-organized by pain points? 

Is your copy engaging? 

Are your download forms user-friendly? 

Well-structured resource pages naturally boost search engine visibility by strategically incorporating your top-quality keywords [Higher Visibility].

1. Facilitate Pain Point and Topic-Based Content Sorting 

When considering the keywords users might employ when searching for your product or service, they’re more likely to use specific terms related to their needs or challenges. Rather than generic terms like “ebook” or “white paper,” users seek answers to their particular questions. 

Make it seamless for visitors to organize content by pain points or topics, prioritizing this over content types like webinars or ebooks. Ensure that your resource page directs users to gated and ungated content for a comprehensive experience.

2. Craft Compelling Copy to Drive Click-Throughs from Your Resource Page 

For each element in your grid, ensure the following components are in place:

Tailored Headings for Visitor Appeal

  • Craft headings that resonate with visitors’ needs
  • Capture attention and encourage clicks from the right audience

Clear Resource Descriptions

  • Provide concise descriptions of the resource type (e.g., video, article)
  • Enable visitors to quickly understand the content’s format

Address the “Why” Effectively

  • Convey the value proposition of the resource
  • Explain how the content will fulfill visitors’ needs

Enhance Visual Appeal with Images

  • Include relevant images for each resource
  • Boost visual hierarchy and create an engaging user experience

Compelling Calls to Action (CTAs)

  • Craft CTAs that resonate with the content’s purpose
  • Motivate visitors to take action beyond generic “click here” phrases

3. Design Resource Pages for Action

After visitors click through to the desired resource, what awaits them on the landing page?

The landing page serves two crucial purposes. Firstly, it must optimize for search results, incorporating relevant keywords to rank well in SERPs. We delve into this in our Comprehensive SEO Guide.

Secondly, the page must effectively sell the resource to website visitors and search-driven users. For compelling sales copy, focus on conveying the transformative impact of the resource, emphasizing the word “you” for audience connection and condensing your message into 50 impactful words.

Further Enhancements:

  • Employ bullet points to guide attention towards the call-to-action button
  • Create an engaging CTA button, potentially reusing the one from the resource listing page

Streamline Download Forms 

If using gated content, remember, download forms are not lead qualification forms. Ensure that downloading resources remains hassle-free by minimizing the required fields. Around two fields or fewer suffice for resource downloads. Prioritize collecting minimal yet actionable information, as over-requesting details may deter visitors.

4. Direct to a Value-Packed Thank You Page

Determining the post-download destination for your web visitors is a topic of ongoing debate in inbound marketing. 

Your choice among the following options should align with your company’s objectives:

  • Provide a concise thank you message and allow visitors to choose their next viewing destination.
  • Display the resource immediately on screen within a new browser tab.
  • Initiate an instant download process.
  • Deliver the resource via email while presenting a thank you page.

The optimal choice hinges on your specific goals. If capturing information for follow-up by Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) is crucial, instant download could suit your needs. However, if you intend to nurture a relationship through subsequent emails and downloads, a dedicated Thank You page is advisable.

These pages enable you to leverage the conversion’s momentum without necessitating extra clicks. By automatically redirecting visitors to a thank you page post-download, you seize an opportunity for deeper engagement (particularly if you employ progressive fields to gather additional insights).

5. Follow Up on Purpose

While your follow-up strategy may not directly impact your resource page’s initial user experience or immediate download numbers, it is crucial in boosting your overall inbound marketing efforts.

Initiate automated email campaigns to engage resource downloaders further and provide valuable insights to your sales team. Ensure to implement the following components:

  • A straightforward “welcome” email is triggered when a new contact is acquired through a resource download.
  • Configure lead scoring within your inbound marketing software to facilitate the progression of content downloaders through the funnel, transitioning them from leads to Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) or Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs).
  • As a bonus, set up targeted lead nurturing campaigns tailored to specific content downloads for a more personalized and effective engagement approach.

Take the First Step to Optimize Your Resource Page 

Take immediate action by analyzing your top three most downloaded and bottom three least downloaded resources. Thoroughly assess users’ entire journey, from discovering the resource on your website to their interaction with content and thank you pages or emails. You can pinpoint areas that require improvement by identifying potential breakdowns in your resource delivery process. 

Once these issues are recognized, formulate a comprehensive plan of action to rectify them. This proactive approach will enhance your resource page’s effectiveness and contribute to a more streamlined and engaging user experience that drives value for your audience and your business.

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