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Golden Spiral Becomes Ratio — a Growth Marketing Agency Designed to Help Companies Accelerating the Transformation of Healthcare

After 12 years, the agency is leveraging experience and relationships to launch a new Healthcare Advisory Board to deliver mentor-backed and data-driven marketing solutions to technology companies.

NASHVILLE — Golden Spiral announced today that it has transformed into a new kind of marketing company, and that change starts with its new name: Ratio. Ratio is designed to accelerate the growth of healthcare technology enterprises by unifying brand development, strategic positioning, and refined digital marketing, all finely tuned to bridge the gap between complex healthcare solutions and discerning, knowledgeable buyers.

The new logo and name maintain the original core concept, harkening to the Golden Ratio or the Fibonacci Sequence, a mathematical phenomenon that manifests in beautiful ways throughout the natural world. For us, this idea illustrates the intersection of art and science at the core of our services and methodologies. Our new name and logo simplify and strengthen this association, introducing a brand system ready to resonate in the healthcare market while shining a spotlight on the soul of our organization: our clients.

“As I consider the landscape and challenges our healthcare system stands to face over the next decade, there’s a clear mandate for significant innovation,” John Farkas, CEO of Ratio, says. “Ground-breaking technology has to play a major role, and the team at Ratio is eager to partner with determined, courageous companies that have discovered and developed that kind of tech and is ready to apply it.”

The Ratio Healthcare Advisory Board brings together a select group of highly accomplished healthcare experts who will be available to support Ratio clients by offering invaluable insights, strategic guidance and thought leadership.

“Healthcare is undergoing a radical transformation, and the change has accelerated since the pandemic,” Eric Thrailkill says, “A significant component of my personal mission is to apply what I have learned through my career to assist leading healthcare companies in collaborating with innovators and entrepreneurs. These healthtech and tech-enabled service companies are addressing the major challenges in the industry – including access to care and acute workforce optimization. The team at Ratio is connecting advanced technologies to the industry, and I’m excited to join this quest to value as they support the true innovators in healthcare.”

Healthcare is undergoing a radical transformation, and the change has accelerated since the pandemic.

Eric Thrailkill | Chairman – Project Healthcare, Nashville Entreprenuer Center

Each member shares a passion for and a commitment to helping technology companies bring meaningful solutions to the market so we can speed the changes to effectively meet the current challenges and the even more pressing needs on the horizon.

The Ratio advisory board members include:

“We are honored to have such a distinguished group of healthcare leaders and entrepreneurs on our advisory board, to join us on this journey,” said John Farkas.

Speed-to-market is critical for our clients and the patients and providers that benefit from their solutions. The wisdom and proven experience of this team will help ensure we are creating the kind of market presence that accelerates acceptance and growth.

John Farkas | CEO, Ratio

“Our mission and passion has always been to help transformative technologies gain the visibility they deserve to accelerate the innovation of various legacy industries,” said Peter Smith, President of Ratio. “Innovation in healthcare has never been faster or more critical than today. We want to support companies that have the power to change people’s lives.”

About Ratio

Ratio is an award-winning marketing agency headquartered in Nashville, TN. With a decade-long track record, Ratio is recognized as a leading authority in empowering healthcare technology innovators. Operating at the intersection of brand and growth marketing, we equip companies with strategies and strength to drive revenue by creating compelling connections with the markets they serve.

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"Golden Spiral" Rebrands to "Ratio," Empowering Healthcare Transformation