We strengthen your branding and positioning during the M&A process and develop a speed-to-market strategy with our specialized program for teams navigating complex transitions.

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Our M&A Methodology

Program Overview


Market Analysis

Our team performs a thorough market analysis to guide the development and improvement of your client programs, facilitating a seamless product integration. This analysis informs your team’s sales and marketing strategy and strengthens partner relationships.

  • Primary Market Research
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Due Diligence Client Interviews
  • Net Promoter Program (post transaction)

Positioning Strategy Workshop

A stakeholder summit designed to promote alignment around your unique market value and to create a picture of the horizon. We will work with your stakeholders to build consensus and set a foundation for defining your market presence. We know this is valuable time, and we don’t treat it lightly. 


Integrated Product Marketecture

We thoroughly review customer segments and target markets to find growth opportunities in diverse markets. By analyzing the current landscape and future trends, we aim to position your company in emerging healthcare markets, boost brand loyalty, and make the most of merger-related growth opportunities.


Buyer Matrix

The Buyer Matrix℠ is a key part of our merger and acquisition strategy. It helps match buyer concerns with your solutions to create a strong messaging platform, boosting your acquisition strategy. By understanding your target customers’ needs, we gain valuable insights to shape your marketing strategies.


Brand Alignment

Your messaging is vital for engaging your target audience, conveying your offerings, and motivating potential customers to act. Using workshop insights and the Buyer Matrix℠, we’ll craft a compelling story that resonates with your audience, encouraging them to explore your unique value. After enhancing your messaging, we’ll provide a comprehensive brand guide for your marketing and sales teams, ensuring consistency across all branded materials.

  • Brand Archetype & Voice
  • Problem/Solution Statements
  • Company Tagline
  • Unique Value Propositions
  • Offering Headlines
  • Web Sitemap 
  • Visual Brand Guide

Speed-to-Market Strategy

Clear internal communication is crucial for organization-wide alignment. We provide comprehensive insights to empower teams during change, promoting collaboration for success. Our training equips sales teams to sell integrated products effectively. We also help your team communicate loyalty initiatives and retain customers through personalized communication and incentives, boosting confidence in the merged entity and reducing customer attrition.

  • CXO, Management and Staff Education 
  • Sales Training Program 
  • CRM Workflow Optimization 
  • Sales Collateral + Tradeshow Assets


Enhance your digital collateral and launch strategy to effectively highlight the merger’s opportunities. Your website serves as the primary online gateway for prospects to explore your brand. Our expertise lies in optimizing user experience, crafting compelling content, designing a user-friendly interface, and executing a site launch strategy that not only draws in potential leads but also converts them efficiently.

  • Website & Collateral
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Paid Media
  • SEO
  • Email Marketing

 M&A in Action

Ratio has empowered numerous high-growth enterprises to accelerate their growth with increased intelligence and resilience. Discover the transformative journey as we partnered with Clearwater on a strategic M&A brand movement.

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Marketing is now a team sport touching nearly every aspect of your company. We are ready to collaborate with any part of your team to make great things happen.

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Clear, well-conceived, shared objectives are essential for effective marketing. We will work with you to establish smart, measurable goals that will allow us to track progress together.

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