Enhance your marketing and branding during the M+A process with our specialized program designed to support teams navigating complex transitions.

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Time Efficiency

We understand that your schedule is hectic. Our program is tailored to alleviate the burden of evaluating M+A’s impact on your marketing and branding, allowing you to concentrate on running your business effectively.

Expert Guidance

We offer a fresh perspective based on years of experience in M+A scenarios. Our experts will provide insights, strategies, and solutions to ensure your marketing and branding efforts not only weather the transition but thrive during it.



Competitive Market Analysis

The first step in differentiation is knowing what your competitors are doing now. This comprehensive marketing analysis evaluates healthtech competitors, examining their visual elements, messaging, and digital strategies to inform a competitive market approach.


Buyer Matrix

The Buyer Matrix℠ is our unique method for aligning buyer problems with your solutions to create a compelling messaging platform. This deep dive into understanding your customers informs your downstream marketing strategies.


Foundation Workshop

We host a stakeholder summit designed to foster alignment around your unique market value and vision, while extracting critical insights about your history, values, and products. Our goal is to ensure that executive consensus is established to facilitate the vital task of defining your market presence.


Messaging Platform

Your messaging platform is the key to connecting with your market and compelling them to engage. We’ll use insights from the workshop and Buyer Matrix℠ to craft a compelling narrative that highlights your unique value and captivates your audience.


Visual Identity System

Once your story is crafted in narrative form, we apply this understanding to create your visual brand identity, which includes your logo, typography, colors, photography and graphic styles, and more. If your current logo is effective, we can build a visual identity system around it, and we can also provide a Brand Guide to ensure your team maintains a strong visual brand in the long term.


Website Design + Development

Your website is the central hub for online engagement and the first stop for prospects to learn about you. We offer expertise in shaping user flow, crafting compelling copy, designing a user-centric experience, and executing a site launch strategy that magnetizes and converts prospective leads.

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Same Side of the Table

Your success is our success. We do our best work when positioned to be your team’s strategic extension. The more we know, the faster you’ll grow.

Play Well with Others

Marketing is now a team sport touching nearly every aspect of your company. We are ready to collaborate with any part of your team to make great things happen.

Focus on Goals

Clear, well-conceived, shared objectives are essential for effective marketing. We will work with you to establish smart, measurable goals that will allow us to track progress together.

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