Get out of the Storm and into Clearwater.

Healthcare cybersecurity and compliance is a raging sea. Clearwater partners with you to navigate it successfully.

Healthcare is in the Midst of a Storm.


Increasing cyber threats, complex regulatory requirements, and severely limited resources make it difficult for healthcare organizations to achieve their missions. Clearwater knows the winds and waves of healthcare.

With two decades of experience, their team strategically unites cybersecurity and compliance initiatives, providing unmatched value. Customizing service and technology solutions to integrate into client environments seamlessly enhances healthcare security, compliance, and resilience.

The Challenge

Clearwater Compliance, having expanded into security solutions through acquisitions, sought to reposition itself within the healthcare vertical, establishing a comprehensive security and compliance solution. They aimed to refine their digital marketing strategy to match their evolved company energy and healthcare focus.

The Solution

This ambitious undertaking involved a comprehensive rebranding process to elevate their presence in the healthcare ecosystem. It entailed a meticulous approach to refining their messaging, effectively showcasing their full spectrum of services. To bring their vision to fruition, we developed dynamic digital solutions that enhanced their website’s security and compliance educational experience. Through this strategic web and collateral implementation, we successfully brought their new visual identity to life, further solidifying their position in the market.

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