Personalizing Digital Health

Combining behavioral science and AI to power hyper-personalized health consumer experiences that meaningfully improve outcomes.

Communication that Moves People.


Lirio integrates behavioral science and AI to enhance personalized health experiences, driving meaningful improvements in outcomes. Unlike other industries, healthcare focuses on enhancing people’s lives rather than simply increasing online transactions. It necessitates a comprehensive understanding of each consumer, including their motivations and barriers to specific behaviors. Lirio continuously learns and adapts to changing factors and evolving contexts.

The Challenge

Lirio needed to effectively communicate its unique value proposition of delivering hyper-personalized health consumer experiences, setting them apart from traditional digital health solutions focused on patient engagement.

To address these obstacles, Lirio embarked on a comprehensive brand transformation journey. As their audiences weren’t fully understood and no brand system was in place, they needed a clear and consistent brand story that demonstrated their differentiation.

The Solution

Ratio began with a comprehensive, collaborative, and executive-led journey to articulate the Lirio brand story. Through a foundation workshop, the team guided Lirio’s key stakeholders through an immersive evaluation of key competitors identifying a North Star through our proprietary Buyer Matrix methodology, in which the team successfully mapped prospective clients, their problems, and how Lirio solves them.

Once our team established an engaging messaging platform, we lifted Lirio above the “healthcare blue” sameness illustrating the humanizing, pioneering, and trustworthy attributes of their behavior science and AI-enabled Personalization Engine.

Lirio’s visual identity features a striking combination of bold orange and deep green hues, supporting the logo design’s relaxed and open approach. The design system is punctuated by a hexagon-to-circle continuum graphic to connote how Lirio’s technology supports health consumers at every step of their healthcare journey.

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