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Founded in 1994 as a single home health agency, LHC Group Inc. remains committed to serving vulnerable populations while driving industry innovation and empowering local teams to make person-centered decisions.

It's All About Helping.


LHC Group is a national provider of in-home healthcare services, offering quality, value-based care primarily within patients’ homes across 38 states and the District of Columbia, serving 68% of the U.S. population aged 65 and older.

As the preferred in-home healthcare partner for over 400 leading hospitals, LHC Group focuses on delivering patient-centered care, reducing readmissions, improving outcomes, and transforming healthcare services.

The Challenge

LHC Group faced a significant challenge as it evolved from a single home health agency to a multi-billion dollar organization through numerous acquisitions. Despite its growth, LHC’s brand identity struggled to reflect the full scope of the organization’s services. To address this, LHC needed to evaluate its service lines across verticals and transition the brand from elder care to a positive, human-focused relational movement that allowed people to connect with the messaging.

The Solution

Our discovery process revealed a strong desire to promote LHC’s person-centered care. The Ratio team developed a comprehensive solution to address service lines, empowering care partners to provide an integrated continuum of care, reducing readmissions and improving clinical outcomes.

Ratio designed the LHC brand with emotional resonance and practical connection, centering the human perspective throughout the creative process to reinforce positive interactions, value, and purpose.

The user experience was intentionally crafted for comfort, speed, and ease of use – embracing inclusive language to engage both partners and patients in a human-centered story of safe and accessible healthcare.

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