Connecting the Genetic Health Information Network

Concert Genetics is committed to elevating the transparency and efficiency of genetic testing for clinicians, hospitals, laboratories, and health insurers.

Connect, Unify, and Simplify Genetic Testing


Concert Genetics, formerly NextGxDx, Inc., is a healthcare technology company that simplifies the complexities of genetic testing with proprietary solutions. Their streamlined process benefits clinicians, hospitals, laboratories, and health plans, offering end-to-end management from test selection to payment forecasting. As a trusted resource, Concert Genetics assists stakeholders in navigating the precision medicine transformation, empowering healthcare professionals to navigate the dynamic genetic testing landscape.

The Challenge

Precision medicine holds immense promise for healthcare, but the rapid expansion and complexity of genetic testing present significant challenges for stakeholders. With a staggering 65,000 unique genetic testing products on the market and ten new products added daily, ordering, resulting, billing, and reimbursement processes have become convoluted. Concert Genetics, founded in 2010 with a vision to simplify genetic testing and enhance communication among healthcare players, faced a crucial problem: effectively articulating their proprietary solutions and sparking meaningful engagement within the genetic health community.

The Solution

Ratio recognized the need for a distinct name that reflected their vision of connecting the genetic health ecosystem. The name “Concert Genetics” resonated with their mission of uniting stakeholders to create a cohesive and impactful solution in precision medicine. 

By establishing the Genetic Health Information Network as a market category, Concert Genetics successfully brought diverse groups together to empower smarter decisions and better care in genetic testing. Their vision paper served as an invitation to collaborate and envision a better future for healthcare. 

The GHIN Summit conference further solidified its position, providing a platform for top stakeholders to address pressing issues and find solutions in precision medicine. Ratio supported the development of collateral at the conference to raise awareness and foster critical conversations among passionate professionals.

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