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People.Health automates labor-intensive workflows so your team can focus on what’s most important: People.

Focus on What's Most Important: People


Despite the urgency of their mission, public health and healthcare leaders are often burdened with outdated systems, clunky tools, and insufficient staff. This imbalance has inspired the company’s mission: caring for those who work so hard to take care of us. By building better tools for those singular people who have dedicated their lives to community health, we can help improve the outcomes of the people they care for.

The Challenge

Our mission was to establish PEG as the forefront leader in workflow automation, catering precisely to the demands of their market. This ambitious endeavor required a holistic brand refresh, reimagining every aspect, from their name and website to their visual identity and messaging. Our primary objective was to craft a contemporary and forward-thinking image that authentically reflected the team’s pioneering solutions, tackling the most critical workflow optimization challenges in the healthcare industry.

The Solution

We repositioned People.Health as a leading force in workflow automation, tailoring its brand presence to meet the unique needs of the market. From their name to their website and visual identity, we crafted a contemporary and forward-thinking brand showcasing their solutions for healthcare’s most pressing workflow optimization challenges. We refined their offerings to resonate with organizations dealing with complex engagement issues in various settings, including rural communities, intercity areas, vulnerable migrant and refugee populations, and specialty groups like the military.

The brand refresh included a complete visual transformation, introducing a new logo and thoughtfully curated color palette. To communicate People.Health’s role in revolutionizing healthcare without relying on cliché imagery, we embraced the concept of building a “circular” ecosystem around clients. This circular theme was incorporated into the logo, website content blocks, animated icons, and more, representing their commitment to comprehensive solutions. With a distinctive blend of plum, yellow, and teal green, the brand stands out while still appealing to the healthcare industry.

The dynamic new brand aesthetic was seamlessly integrated across all digital platforms, solidifying People.Health’s position as an innovative leader in workflow automation. Their brand now confidently reflects their expertise in addressing healthcare’s challenges and sets them apart from their competitors in the industry.

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