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Unwrap Healthcare Market Matrix 2023 Highlights

As we approach the end of 2023, we’re commemorating the launch of Healthcare Market Matrix by reflecting on insightful interviews with key guests who have shaped our perspective on healthcare transformation. Whether you missed a few episodes or want to revisit them, this holiday season provides a perfect opportunity to catch up on the highlights!

2023 Discoveries Wrapped —

This year, our podcast shed light on the dynamic healthcare landscape, delving into pivotal challenges and insights derived not only from events such as HIMSS, Telehealth Academy, ViVE, Becker’s Health IT, and HLTH but also from our advisory board members actively collaborating with the tech companies we partnered with this year.

Insight #1: Value Proposition is Paramount

Healthtech companies need to clearly understand and tailor their value proposition to buyers. While technology matters, a compelling value proposition is key.

Must-Listen Episodes on Value Prop: 

  • Tom Mitchell — Mastering Your Value Equation in a Loud and Crowded Market
  • Kelly Aldrich — Healthtech Horizons: Navigating Nursing Challenges & Innovations
  • Haden McWhorter — The Premise Health Playbook: What does it mean to be Enterprise-ready?
  • Laura O’Toole — Shortening the Sales Cycle with Value-Driven Solutions
  • Aaron Hillman — Empowering a Consultative Approach to Marketing

Insight #2: Addressing Top Priorities: Clinician Shortage and Burnout

Solutions must optimize clinical workflows, recruit talent effectively, and leverage telehealth for expanded access. The growing market underscores the necessity for a robust telehealth infrastructure in future care delivery.

Must-Listen Episodes on Clinical Priorities: 

Insight #3: Payment Processing Challenges

Billing and payment processing pose significant challenges for providers. The payment process’s friction, coupled with escalating costs and clinician shortages, demands innovative solutions in finance and revenue cycles.

Must-Listen Episode on Billing & Payment Challenges: 

  • Trish Rivard — Exploring Health System Finance and Revenue Cycle Purchase Plans

Insight #4: Enhancing the Patient Experience

With rising deductibles, the healthcare consumer becomes the focal point. Providers need to offer consumer-like experiences, providing seamless self-service options for tasks such as appointment booking, bill payment, and insurance status checks.

Must-Listen Episodes on Patient Experience: 

  • Dave Brooks — From Crisis to Progress: Population Health in the New Normal
  • Reed Smith — Building a Consumer-Centric Patient Experience
  • Mitch Holdwick — From Disparate to Actionable Data — The Anatomy of Consumer Engagement

Insight #5: Revolutionizing Healthcare with Technology

AI and enterprise platforms have great potential for transforming clinical and patient experiences. Bringing point solutions to the market is challenging amid time, space, and budget constraints. Healthcare systems prefer platform solutions encompassing various aspects of care and streamlining the overall management process.

Must-Listen Episodes on the Role of Technology: 

The healthcare landscape is evolving rapidly, and vendors need to align with the immediate priorities of the industry. Whether addressing clinician shortages, improving payment processes, or enhancing patient experiences, solutions must be innovative, seamlessly integrated, and effective in delivering tangible value. We think this week on the podcast, Christopher McCord says it best — 

As we close the chapter on this year, we invite you to stay engaged, share your insights, and suggest topics for exploration in 2024. Your feedback is invaluable to us.

From all of us here at Ratio, we wish you a joyful holiday season and a prosperous New Year. Thank you for being an integral part of our community.

Recover. Celebrate. Glow. 

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